The ClockHug Mission

ClockHug is a site dedicated to answering the mysteries of time, largely through clocks and timers, but also through a bit of philosophy.

Your Time, Your Choice


Content Strategy

As you read a ClockHug article you should feel that you are gaining time, not losing it. Whether answering simple questions or digging deep into difficult topics, the ClockHug way is to trust the reader’s intuition, mind, and problems. If your alarm isn’t waking you up, ClockHug won’t seek to blame you for such an issue, but instead seek a real solution to the problem. Sometimes, whether we like it or not, there are situations where we can’t get enough sleep. There is no need to chastise us about it as we seek help.

Similarly, when answering questions, ClockHug seeks to give the most reliably truthful answer based on what is known at the current time. No, you aren’t seeing 9:11 on the clock repeatedly due to angel numbers. You’re seeing it because of a whole host of real reasons (some that are waaay cooler than angel numbers, btw). Bogus answers waste time, and wasting time is NOT what ClockHug is about.


Getting Social

ClockHug isn’t hugely about the social media scene. Content is king, as they say, and content stays on ClockHug. As ClockHug grows, this may change.

Here are the places you can find ClockHug online:

Again, not much, but possibly growing. ClockHug is a site-based endeavor first and foremost.