Do cats have a sense of time?

Do cats have a sense of time? This one sure does!

While it is easy to compare notes with other people on their perception of time, cats are harder to figure out. What do cats know about time, anyways?

Digital Clock Numbers: A Closer Look at Segmented Displays

An array of digital clock numbers.

Despite modern clocks and watches having screens, when we think of electronic clocks we think of classic digital clock numbers. The boxy, segmented display that we can imitate with matches, toothpicks, and crayons just as easily as with an old-timey watch.   Here, we’ll be looking at this classic design — also known as the […]

TFP vs TAP — How to Measure Your Own Productivity

It can be difficult to even start with the first word of your plan when you don't know how to measure your own productivity. (from: Pexels, Jess Bailey Designs)

Here’s how to measure your own productivity, whether you’re working from home or run your own business.   Money is time. Time is money. But there’s a lot more good to be said about the time that we squeeze the most value out of over the time that we sit and idly do nothing. Humans […]