Digital Clock Numbers: A Closer Look at Segmented Displays

An array of digital clock numbers.

Despite modern clocks and watches having screens, when we think of electronic clocks we think of classic digital clock numbers. The boxy, segmented display that we can imitate with matches, toothpicks, and crayons just as easily as with an old-timey watch.   Here, we’ll be looking at this classic design — also known as the […]

What is the big hand on the clock called? — Analog Clock Parts

A close up image of a clock, featuring its hands. (from: Pexels/Hussam Bin Nasser )

Your complete analog clock dictionary. As early as elementary school, you probably heard your teachers refer to the “small hand” or “big hand” of a clock. Chances are you’ve continued using the terms way beyond that, too, but they’ve long since started to feel like childish words. Or, maybe you know the basic parts of […]