How to Set Clock on Frigidaire Stove — PICTURE Guide

The clock is set on this Frigidaire stove.

It’s the same old complaint every time the power goes out, “the time got reset but I don’t know how to set the clock on our Frigidaire stove.”


Maybe you can change the minutes but not the hours. Perhaps you’ve struggled, after trying to learn how to set the clock on your Frigidaire stove yourself, to leave the clock setting mode. Or, you’re experienced with setting a Frigidaire microwave’s clock, but have discovered your Frigidaire professional oven doesn’t work the same way.


In any of these events, we’ve got you covered. The ClockHug guide to setting the clock on your Frigidaire oven will help you get through each step without worry.


How to Set the Clock on a Frigidaire Stove

Getting your Frigidaire stove’s clock set follows a general set of rules for every Frigidaire stove. While the buttons on a Frigidaire stove might appear different than the ones in the model shown (for example, the ‘clock’ button may have the image of a clock instead of displaying the word) the general principles and steps will remain the same. Where steps do deviate, you’ll be alerted.


1) Press the clock button.

The first step in setting the clock on a Frigidaire stone is to press 'clock.'

2) Now, the colon ‘:’ dots should be blinking. Press the up ‘^’ or down ‘v’ buttons to change the timer up or down. To change to a different hour, hold the button to speed up the change. Note that if you don’t press the up or down button quickly, the : dots will quit blinking and you will exit clock mode.

Press up and down to change your Frigidaire stove's time.

3) To exit clock mode, either wait a few seconds for the : dots to stop blinking OR press clear/off. On some models, you can press clock again, but on others pressing clock will keep you in clock mode.

Press clear to finish setting the clock on your Frigidaire stove.

Frigidaire Oven Clock Advice

Maintaining the accuracy of your Frigidaire stove clock is important to ensure that your cooking and baking times are precise. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Check the clock periodically: Set aside a few minutes every few months to check the accuracy of your stove clock. Compare the time displayed on your stove with another clock in your home, such as a wall clock or your phone.
  2. Adjust for daylight saving time: If your area observes daylight saving time, make sure to adjust your stove clock accordingly.
  3. Power outages: If there’s a power outage in your home, the stove clock may need to be reset.
  4. Use your stove clock as a timer: Not all Frigidaire stoves have a built-in timer, but some do. Still, most only have one channel and aren’t necessarily the best for complex meals. Consider buying a dedicated kitchen timer instead.

Do you have any advice for using the clock on a Frigidaire stove or are there any special problems you encountered while setting your clock? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. light on clock won’t stay on after resetting. The colon blinks but does not go steady and stay on.

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